Specialized in helping technology startups get off the ground; focusing on product development and commercialization.

Our Services Can Include:

Product Technical Review:

Let us research your product idea, process or a competitive technology. We'll deliver a report that provides details on the technical landscape including cost model, maturity level, and technical risks.


Do you have a problem that requires technology innovation? Let's work together to leverage design thinking principles and arrive at the optimal solution.

Conceptual Design:

We'll generate multiple 3-D conceptual designs, then work with you to evaluate and down-select to the final product solution.

Functional Prototypes:

Utilize our in-house shop to create a fully functional prototype before investing in high volume manufacturing. We have 3-D printing, machining, welding, and fabrication capabilities.


We can deliver turnkey solutions for 'end of line' product tests, regulatory compliance, and ASTM standard tests.

Our expertise includes test plan development, test apparatus design & fabrication, performing tests, and delivering clean data/results.

Process Development

We can integrate existing equipment or engineer a complete process around your core technology. Our services may include design, testing, vendor management, facility layout, real estate build-out, process start-up, and training.